What my

Clients say

A fresh take on bakery also means listening well, having a keen eye and being fully present. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the small, medium-sized and large bakeries that have trusted me in doing just that.

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Our intention is to make something special out of something simple and minimized. Georg Debiasi has shown us that he possesses a perfect understanding of this kind of quality concept.

Martin Auer CEO, Bäckerei Martin Auer
Graz (Austria)
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The naturalness and purity of our products is a vital part of the Bäckerei Wolf philosophy. Mr. Debiasi is supporting us in implementing our in-house formulations in the best possible way.

Alexander Wolf CEO, Bäckerei Wolf,
Augsburg (Germany)
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“As an external specialist, Georg Debiasi sees our business with a fresh set of eyes. His concepts, ideas and improvements have helped us make a great deal of progress.”

Manfred Öggl CEO, Bäckerei Mein Beck,
Kefenrod (Germany)
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It’s our highest aspiration to reach our defined quality standards afresh each and every day. Thanks to our new quality assurance system and our ‘quality regulars’ concept, we have everything under control and can react swiftly should we need to.

Franz Sipl CEO, Bäckerei Sipl,
Denkendorf (Germany)