Let me introduce you to the four pillars which are
the foundation for all that I do.


I love
my handicraft

Which is why I encourage bakers to trust their own two hands. Because those who bring the focus back to the genuine baker’s craft and marry it intelligently with cutting-edge processing technology – these are the ones who will take the lead over “discount” and industrial bakeries. Hands down.


I bring
creativity into
the backing room

New products, in-house recipes and fresh thinking – I love experimenting, trying out new things and finding simple solutions. My holistic concepts bring together creativity, economic viability and practicality, for a product range that’s both exciting and balanced.

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I bring out
the best in what's
already there

Every bakery has its unique core competencies and cherished recipes. I take a meticulous look at these and use them as my starting point – with a fine feel for the company, its people, its expertise, potential and market conditions. It’s only like this that we can develop the necessary trust in our joint journey of success.

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I take
the long view

I don’t just improve products – I change traditional thinking, too. Like when it comes to quality awareness and staff management. I aim to create a new concept that the whole company will be happy to support, implement and optimize. So it can bring about long-term effects.

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My Story

Apprenticeship diploma in bakery; works as a baker and baking room manager

Diploma in food technology; works as a baking technician in the area of product development and quality assurance

Founds his own company, “backkultur” (baking culture); has since worked as a bakery consultant for small, medium-sized and large bakeries

Founds the Debiasi Bäckereikonzepte bakery consultancy