What I


Let’s engage in a fresh take on bakery. With a strategy. With joint product development and quality assurance. With passion.

Focus on

product development

Your own recipes
rather than baking
mixes and agents

Starting to use your own recipes truly pays off. In terms of quality, taste and – if done the right way – from a business standpoint, too.

Gluten-free and
diet bakery products

The demand for gluten-free and diet bakery products is constantly growing. We use sophisticated recipes to ensure that such products taste just as appealing.

Yeast-free bread
and pastries

Every kind of fermentation isn’t created equal. Whether you’re looking for natural sourdough, pasta madre or natural yeast: Let’s make a joint effort to replace baker’s yeast as a traditional rising agent with both great taste and digestibility.

Mouth-watering snacks

How can we make traditional bakery products even more interesting? By infusing them with special ingredients, creativity and experience – for an exciting range of snacks.

Let’s make things wholemeal,
not half-baked

Bakery products that are 100% wholemeal may well be the purest form of the traditional art of baking. Let me show you how to get spelt, rye, emmer, einkorn, tritordeum or durum fully baked.

Long-life baked goods
for additional business

By creating your very own long-life baked goods line, we can generate some delicious additional business. To achieve this, we develop long-life baked goods on site that will taste great to you – and your customers.

Wheat-free bread and pastries

Alternatives to wheat in bakery products do exist. Old, forgotten types of grains can be turned into moist and tasty, crunchy and easy-to-digest morsels.

The art of baking with an international twist

Let’s freshen up your product range, too, with classic bakery delicacies from Italy, France or Switzerland – seasonally and for a limited time period. And if there’s great demand, perhaps you’ll choose to keep them for the long term.



A balanced product range

Sometimes, less is more. That’s particularly true for the size and variety of your product range. Instead of offering as many different products as possible, let’s focus on making your product range as balanced and harmonious as possible. This keeps costs low and quality standards high.

Room for creativity –
baking room planning
and design

Ergonomics, efficiency, short paths, amortization period – the list of criteria for a future-proof baking room is long. Let me support you in making your ideal design a reality. I’ll bring all my experience from a variety of different small and large bakeries to the task.

A taste for
new business channels

Successful new business often starts with a simple idea: developing a new product. I’ll be happy to help you find this idea and develop your new business channel for the long term.

A brand with a great personality:
design, advertising and photography

Together with Kerstin Konzept & Design and Juni Photographers, I’ll support you in creating consistent brand management and a design that brings out your uniqueness and strengths – all the way from the logo to the visual imagery. So you can win over and retain customers.



As your external
quality manager,
I won’t compromise

As a leading quality consultant in the bakery sector, I’ll take the closest possible look: from expert analyses of your processes to a sustainable processing shift in your baking room. Because ensuring high quality standards isn’t just about doing the right things – it’s also about doing things right.

Quality starts with
the “quality regulars"

To achieve a long-term productive collaboration, I’ve introduced the concept of “quality regulars” for bakeries: a group of employees from the most important areas of responsibility who meet every day. It’s in that group that we set clear standards and monitor our defined goals – all based on the deBiasi quality regulars software. Another benefit of the quality regulars: Personal exchange across all departments.